Want to see more science magic using dry ice? This workshop is just right for you! In this session, you will get to know how to self-inflate balloons, make Ziploc poppers, and hear metals scream. You will be surprised that most of the materials and ingredients used can be found in the comfort of our own homes and schools.


Concepts that will be discussed include heat transfer, reaction of Oxygen, and pressure

Mode of Delivery:

Facilitated by experienced facilitators; Suitable for Primary to Secondary Students

Group Size:

30 students (minimum), 80 students (maximum)


2.5 hours

  • 1 hour snow play
  • 1 hour Ice-capades workshop
  • 30 minutes changing of winter apparel

Course Fee:

  • $15+ per Primary School student & $16+ per Secondary School student (MOE-subsidized school)
  • $21+ per student (Private School and Student Care Centre)
  • Free admission to 1 teacher for every group of 10 students
  • $10 for every additional teacher/adult