Immerse yourself in the chills and thrills of the Arctic at Snow City.

We’ve got a host of exciting new attractions and snow so real that you feel like you’re in the North Pole!

Different zones await, filled with interactive Arctic exhibitions, life-sized snow sculptures, and an adrenaline packed 60 metre slide down a snow slope!

Become a brave Arctic Avenger as you join Oki the friendly Inuit and his companions on this Incredible Journey.


Zone 1 – Arctic Snow Playground

Explore the Arctic Circle.

Get a glimpse the Inuit way of life, and learn how global warming threatens their fragile lifestyle and ecosystem. Surround yourself with life-sized snow sculptures of our mascots in a magical winter wonderland.


Zone 2 – Snow Field

Where the fun never ends.

Go on an egg whirl ride, and get comfortable at Suki’s giant nest for a magical storytelling session while learning about the Aurora Borealis phenomena. Plus, be treated to a one of a kind snow blizzard experience.


Zone 3 – Traditional Inuit’s Home @ the Mezzanine (Relocated to ZONE 1 and 2)

Live like an Inuit.

Try ice fishing, or check out the Inuit’s cool Igloo home.

Dive into a massive mound of snow and have fun sitting on a sleigh pulled by Ila, the trusty husky, and his team.

The new Upper Mezzanine level also features a magical snowfall.


Zone 4 – Arctic Snow Slide

For brave winter warriors only.

Snow City’s famous slide will send you racing down a hair-raising 60 metre long, 3-storey high snow slope.


Zone 5 – Shaman’s Souvenir Shop

Stock up on unique Arctic souvenirs at the Shaman’s magical shop.