1. How do I make a party reservation?

Please email or call 6560 2306 to enquire on party details and reservations. Our sales coordinator will advise you on the available dates and send you a booking form.  

To confirm your booking, you need to fill out the booking form and send it to our email.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve the party.

2. If I do not have 10 kids, can I still proceed?

Yes, you may still reserve the party but the charges will still be calculated based on minimum pax required.

You may include adults in the count to reach the minimum pax requirement.

3. If some of my guests don’t show up that day, do I still need to pay for them?

Yes. If actual attendance falls below the number reserved in the booking form, there will be no changes on the final bill.

4. Is there any guideline on the clothes to wear?

Come warmly dressed in long pants, long sleeve sweater, and socks. The party package include jackets, boots, and gloves for kids.

However, Snow City still encourages visitors to bring their own winter apparel.

5. Can I use my own camera?

You may use your camera inside the party room for photo-taking. However, cameras are not allowed inside the snow chamber.

Please approach Pictureworks for assistance.

6. Can I remove items from the package?

Yes. However, please note that the price of the party package will remain the same.

7. Do I get a discount on the party packages if I am a Science Centre or Snow City member?

Discounts for Science Centre and Snow City members are for 1 hour snow play session only and not applicable on birthday packages.

8. May I bring in my own food?


You may bring your own food and cake for the party.

9. May I bring in my own birthday cake?

Yes. Our party packages do not include birthday cakes.

10. May I do my own room decorations?

Yes, you may. You will be in charge of decorating the room according to your desired theme. Please also check available time with our sales coordinator should you need to arrive early to decorate the room. Basic decorations (birthday banner and balloons) are provided in the package.

11. What if my guests arrive late?

The party sessions are fixed. We encourage you to remind your guests to arrive promptly at the stipulated time. There will be no extension on party time if guests arrived late.

12. When do guests need to exit the party room?

All guests need to leave the party room promptly after the event. However, we do extend 15 minutes grace period for the parent organizers.

13. When will I need to settle payment in full?

The remaining 50% must be paid three (3) days before the event date. Otherwise, booking will be rendered as void. The deposit made will be deducted from the final bill.

14. What if I need to cancel the party? Will I get a refund of the deposit?

Cancellation of bookings is not allowed. There will be no refunds on deposit for this matter.