The Cliff Team Building Programmes

Sport Climbing School Package
– 2 hours Minimum 30 pax
– $25 per child (Teachers enter free)

The session will introduce you to the sports of climbing. Basic skills such as the different climbing techniques, equipment used, belaying for top rope climbing and the climbing calls will be taught.

You don’t have to have prior knowledge on sports climbing. This 2-hour session allows you to try this upcoming sport and perhaps even inspire you to be a climber!

Sports Climbing &  abseiling Workshop
– 3 hours Minimum 30 pax
– $25 per person

This course will introduce participants to the concept of climbing and bouldering. Climbing knowledge, such as making figure-of-8 knots and tying-in-knots will be provided. This will be followed by climbing sessions.

Abseiling Level 1*
– 7 hours or 2 sessions of 3.5 hours Minimum 30 pax
– $60 per person

This course is designed for people who have no prior knowledge on abseiling. Participants will learn the basic skills to descend on ropes and have essential knowledge on the equipment required to abseil.

Abseiling Level 2*
– 7 hours or 2 sessions of 3.5 hours Minimum 30 pax
– $60 per person

A follow up on the Abseiling Level 1. This time participants will enhance their skills and knowledge on setting up and abseil system. The course will focus extensively on more technical skills and self rescue.

Sports Climbing Level One*
– 7 hours or 2 sessions of 3.5 hours Minimum 30 pax
– $60 per person

The purpose of this course is to give participants an enjoyable, safe and informative introduction to sports climbing. This is designed for people with no prior knowledge of sport climbing. Participants will be introduced to equipment, climbing techniques, checking procedures, belaying for top-roping and climbing calls. Participants are awarded the Sport Climbing Level One Certificate at the end of the course.

Sports Climbing Level Two*
– 14 hours or 2 sessions of 7 hours Minimum 30 pax
– $120 per person

This course is designed as a follow on from the Sport Climbing Course Level 1. It builds on the top-rope skills acquired from the first level and teaches a progression into lead climbing on artificial climbing walls. Participants on this course should be confident in all the techniques covered at Level One before undertaking this more advanced level course. Participants are awarded the Sport Climbing Level Two Certificate after completion.

Participants must be at least 13 years of age and have the Sport Climbing Course Level One certificate.

Corporate Team Building
– 3 hours Minimum 15 pax – $ 500 (for half day)
– $700 (for full day)

A healthy and adrenaline charged alternative to the usual corporate retreat. Discover your colleagues’ working style, trust and communication skills. Ideal for new teams to break the ice in a unique and safe platform or for an existing team looking for fresh ways to bond and excel. Climbing requires support from one another and puts men and ladies in equal footing. Other than learning a new skill and sport, the lessons acquired can be put to practical use in helping to solve the work place challenges.

Programme is designed to enhance team building, self esteem, communication and confidence, allowing participants to feel a sense of achievement by reaching a shared goal – in the case the summit of’The Cliff!’

Birthday party at the Cliff
– 3 hours Minimum 20 pax
– $350

The birthday boy/girl gets access to some lanes and can celebrate his/her special day with the theme of ‘The Cliff’. Guests can do unlimited fun climbing. (Food and beverages can be arranged, but are not included in the cost.)

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*SEP Approved.