In the Arctic Circle, there lives an Inuit boy named Oki. He loves to fish and enjoys sharing his catch. One day, he goes fishing and gets caught in a big snow storm. A husky named Ila comes to his aid and promises to help him find his way home.

On their journey, a polar bear comes rolling into the path of Oki and Ila. Nooka is a shy polar bear who is looking for a new place to stay because his home is melting away due to global warming. Nooka decides to stay with Oki and Ila.

Suddenly, the snowy ground starts to shake and cracks appear. The newly formed icebergs separate Oki and Ila from Nooka. Oki shouts for help and the smart fox, Koko, appears. Having observed them from afar, he asks Oki to throw his fishing rod to Nooka, who catches it and pulls Oki and Ila safely back to mainland. Koko decides then to join their troupe.

At night, they meet Suki, a magical snowy owl, who can light the way with her magical eyes. She helps Oki find his way back home and the five friends all live together in his home.

Since then, all five of them make a promise to protect their home against the dangers of climate change –– frequent snowstorms, melting icebergs, and cracking arctic grounds. They called themselves the ARCTIC AVENGERS. However, they cannot protect the Arctic Circle by themselves. They need help from you.

Are you brave enough to become the next Arctic Avenger? Come and join the growing ranks of the Arctic Avengers!