Welcome the new recruits and check out their pledges to help Oki and Friends fight Climate Change.  

JairusJairus, 6 years old
Recycle things and switch off lights we do not need.

Kara-and-JaydenKara and Jayden, 7 years old
I will take care of the Earth because I love the Earth.

Yi-SenYi Sen, 7 years old
Switch off the electricity when not in use.

HongyangHongyang, 8 years old
We can build new igloos to protect the Inuit from danger.

JesslynJesslyn, 9 years old
Recycle cans, plastics, and papers.

EthanEthan, 9 years old
We can help by using less energy and by recycling. Share and tell people about taking public transport and taking shorter showers.  

NicholasNicholas, 10 years old
Recycle papers, bottles, and cans. Switch off the lights when not in use.

ShanShan, 10 years old
Take quick, short showers.