Clouds of Fun


Clouds of Fun Workshop


This workshop is composed of experiments using dry ice. When dry ice gets in contact with water and soap, it produces cloud-like formations and mists. Get ready to be awed by the science behind these simple demonstrations!


Concepts that will be discussed include sublimation, expansion, states of matter, and heat transfer.

Mode of Delivery:

Facilitated by experienced facilitators; Suitable for Primary to Secondary Students

Group Size:

30 students (minimum), 80 students (maximum)


2.5 hours

  • 1 hour snow play
  • 1 hour Clouds of Fun workshop
  • 30 minutes changing of winter apparel

Course Fee:

  • $15+ per Primary School student & $16+ per Secondary School student (MOE-subsidized school)
  • $21+ per student (Private School and Student Care Centre)
  • Free admission to 1 teacher for every group of 10 students
  • $10 for every additional teacher/adult