Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Making Workshop

Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Making Workshop


The programme opens with a brief history of ice cream. Different techniques in making ice cream will be discussed with emphasis on the use of liquid nitrogen. Students will be asked to form small groups, and together they will prepare their group’s ice cream using liquid nitrogen. On top of that, students will get the chance to savour the ice cream that they have prepared.

The experience is expected to be memorable for the students. They get to learn science concepts such as transmission of heat energy by conduction, effects of heat exchange, and thermal properties of matter. The multi-sensory experience provided by this programme helps to cement the students’ understanding of various science concepts further.

Mode of Delivery:

Classroom session with educator provided; Suitable for Primary to Secondary Students

Group Size:

30 students (minimum), 80 students (maximum)


2.5 hours

  • 1 hour snow play
  • 1 hour ice cream making
  • 30 minutes changing of winter apparel

Course Fee:

  • $15+ per Primary School student & $16+ per Secondary School student (MOE-subsidized school)
  • $21+ per student (Private School and Student Care Centre)
  • Free admission to 1 teacher for every group of 10 students
  • $10 for every additional teacher/adult

Mode of Delivery
Lecture demonstration and hands-on activity

Transfer of heat, effects of heat exchange and properties of matter in different temperatures

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