Snow Science Workshop




An interactive and hands-on programme, Snow Science dwell deeper into the science behind ice and water. The programmes offers an hour’s fun snow play on the slope and a choice to participate in 4 of out of 8 experiments.


Discussion points include density, friction, pressure and freezing points, and properties of ice, water, salt and other related substances.

Mode of Delivery:

Classroom session with educator provided; Suitable for Primary Students

Note: Choose any 4 of the total 8 activities to fit your lesson objective. Children must be 7 years old and above to participate.

Activity Synopsis
Rolling Ice Cubes Discover how the different melting rates of ice above and below water caused the ice to roll.
The Exploding Bottle Find out why water expands when it freezes.
Ice Pops Without a Freezer Find out how different substances affect the freezing point of water and make an ice pop without using a freezer.
Lifting an Ice Cube With String Learn how the concentration of solute affects the extent of melting ice.
Ice and Oil Observe a demonstration that illustrates the different densities of oil, water, and ice.
Wired Ice Learn how different pressures affect the melting point of ice.
Slippery Ice See how friction affects the movement of ice across different surfaces.
The Melting Ice Race Figure out how the different substances have different effects on the melting point of ice.

Group Size:

30 students (minimum), 80 students (maximum)


2.5 hours

  • 1 hour snow play
  • 1 hour Snow Science Workshop
  • 30 minutes changing of winter apparel

Course Fee:

  • $15+ per Primary School student & $16+ per Secondary School student (MOE-subsidized school)
  • $21+ per student (Private School and Student Care Centre)
  • Free admission to 1 teacher for every group of 10 students
  • $10 for every additional teacher/adult

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