Winter Olympics (8 and above)

WINTER OLYMPICS (8 and above)



This is a compulsively enjoyable programme fit for anyone that just wants to have a roaring good time! Conducted in our very own snow chamber, Winter Olympics is a culmination of carefully tailored activities that challenges the mind while testing your physical agility. It is a program catered to the young and the young at heart. After all, having fun has absolutely no age limit!


Winter Olympics is a specially designed programme that effectively incorporates team building into its host of activities with light-heartedness and exhilaration. For any game planner, it is an extremely versatile programme, as it allows the planner to mix and match from its pool of activities based solely on his/her objective. So why choose convention when convention is boring? At Snow City, we provide you with the perfect alternative to convention, the cool way.

Mode of Delivery:

Games setting with facilitators provided; Suitable for Primary 2 to Secondary Students

Note: Choose any 3 of the total 10 activities to fit your gaming objective. Children must be 8 years old an above to participate.

Activity Synopsis
Speedo Each player from each team will slide down the slope one by one. Every team will be timed. Timing starts at the point when the first player slides down and ends when the last player of the group completes the slide. The team with the fastest time recorded will be the winner
Breakage Everyone in a team will log his or her arm to form a chain, with different formation, and slide down the slope together. The chain should not break. The team with no breakage will win the game.
The Mad Ball Each player from each team will use his or her mouth to hold a plastic cup, containing a ping pong ball. They will slide down the slope one by one. Once he or she reaches the bottom of the slope, he or she will place the ping pong ball into a big container. Whichever team has the most number of ping pong balls in the big container wins the game.
Balloon Hurray 2 players from each team will hold each other’s hands with a balloon in between them. They will slide down the slope together. Upon reaching the bottom of the slope, they will place the balloon into the big container. Whichever team with the most balloons in the big container wins the game.
Musical Chairs Rubber tubes will be arranged in a circular form. The children have to walk round the rubber tubes once the music starts. Once the music stops, they have to quickly sit down on a rubber tube. The one who is unable to find a rubber tube to sit down will be penalized once. He or she is given up to 3 chances. If he or she is penalized thrice, he or she will have to perform for the rest of the children.
Bursting Balloons Each player from each team will slide down one by one. Once he or she reaches the bottom of the slope, he or she will have to burst a balloon with both hands. Only when he or she has burst the balloon, will the next player able to slide down and repeat the process. There is a time limit of 10 mins. The team, which is able to burst the most balloons within the time limit, wins the game.
Dress Me Up One player from each team will be dressed to the minimum, for example, in only T-shirts and jeans, and stands at the bottom of the slope. Several items will be given to the other team players, which are the hat, jacket, waterproof pants, ski boots, ski and poles. They will then slide down one by one, carrying one item at a time, and dress up the player standing at the bottom of the slope. The objective is to dress him or her up as a skier. The team, which finishes first, wins the game.

Group Size:

30 students (minimum), 60 students (maximum)


2 hours

  • 1 hour snow play
  • 30 minutes Winter Olympics
  • 30 minutes changing of winter apparel

Course Fee:

  • $16+ per Primary School student & $17+ per Secondary School student (MOE-subsidized school)
  • $22+ per student (Private School and Student Care Centre)
  • Free admission to 1 teacher for every group of 10 students
  • $10 for every additional teacher/adult

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