Be An Arctic Avenger


Be an Arctic Avenger!
Help Oki and Friends protect the Arctic Circle!
Here are ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Switch off lights that are not needed or used.
Recycle as much as you can – things like papers, bottles, and cans.
Reuse plastic bags instead of throwing them away.
Buy products that use less packaging.
Take quick, short showers.
Use public transport to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.
Plant a tree in your backyard, if you can.
Turn off appliances at the main sockets if they are not in use.
Use a fan instead of the air conditioner.
Turn off the tap! Use a cup of water when brushing your teeth.
Change to light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and tubes.
Talk to your parents, teachers, and friends on what we can all do.