Meet The Mascots


OKI the Inuit Boy

Oki loves to fish and hunt. He is kind, friendly, and playful.

The Inuit are peace-loving people. They dislike conflicts and value privacy. They are very concerned about the welfare of other people. They are resourceful and self-sufficient.

Storytelling, mythology, and dancing remain important part of their culture.

ILA the Husky

Ila is the incredible helper of the Inuit community. He aids in the transportation of supplies and is very fast.

Huskies are valued as a sled dog, companion, and guard dog by indigenous people. They are known for their speed and endurance, which is why the Inuit prefer to use them for transport.

NOOKA the Polar Bear

Nooka is strong, determined, and pays close attention to details. He is always watching, learning and waiting. When not hunting, he spends most of his time sleeping or resting.

Polar bears are usually solitary except during breeding and cub rearing.

KOKO the Fox

Koko is one of the smartest and strongest animals living in the freezing Arctic.

He can survive temperatures as low as -50°C and when there is no prey for him to hunt, he follows polar bears and eats the leftover scraps from their kills.

SUKI the Magical Snowy Owl

Suki has an excellent eyesight which helps her hunt for rodents during the day. Unlike most owls that are nocturnal, Suki, the magical owl, is active 24 hours a day. She has a great vision. She can fly high up in the sky and light the way with her magical eyes.